The Sanmao Lighting debuted at the 2018 Guangya Exhibition

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LED floodlights advocate low-carbon life in the world, and LED floodlights with energy saving and carbon reduction have become the “darlings” of the times. From June 9th to the 12th, as the winner of the Aladdin's award for outstanding design awards, Sanmao Lighting has brought a number of new development products to the show. During the exhibition, the Floodlight booth of the Sanmao Floodlight a large number of viewers.

Since the establishment of Sanmao Lighting in 2007, after ten years of development, technology accumulation and experience precipitation, it has become a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and engineering services at home and abroad. In response to market demand, Sanmao Floodlights has launched five new series this year. The lamp body is made of high-purity aluminum material, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed. The heat dissipation is good. It is made of toughened glass, highly translucent, and resistant to impact. The bracket is designed with multiple angles, with exquisite appearance and easy installation. In this exhibition, the major companies visited came highly praised and expressed their interest in the products of Jiangmen Sanmao Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

The Sanmao Lighting booth number is located at 11.2A27, which fully demonstrates the new classics of Sanmao lighting LED flood light. The promotion of Sanmao lighting with a generous gesture will further expand its domestic and international influence and help the brand value grow step by step. In recent years, the rapid development of Sanmao lighting, the young Sanmao has become a "new force" on the road to the development of LED floodlights. The future is approaching, Sanmao Lighting will continue to enhance the company's core competitiveness, is committed to building a more comprehensive cooperation channels, strengthen communication and exchanges with the partners, the future, to build a beautiful era of LED floodlights.

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Sanmao Lighting takes “honesty, quality first, service first” as its purpose; relying on the advantages of talents, scientific management, the courage to explore and innovate, and the realization of sustainable development with unique and independent brands; realize the “first-time response and quality”. The company promises better than life and services to create a win-win situation. Dedication with the vast number of old and new customers go hand in hand, create brilliant!

Senior industrial designer YeYongJin (left) and ZhangJianming, chairman (right), photo

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