Sanmao Lighting participated in the 2018 Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition!

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The main design of the booth is the main yellow color of the Sanmao. It focuses on the outdoor LED flood light. The scene perfectly reflects the light and shadow vision of outdoor lighting and key lighting, and elaborates the interactive relationship between light and visitors.



Booth number:11.2A27

At this year's Guangya Exhibition, Sanmao Lighting will carry 5 new products and hot-selling products, of which Gao Fu Shuai Series LED Flood Light won the Aladdin Award for Excellence - Excellent Design Award.


Award-winning products


Exhibitor products:







Exhibitor products:

The lamp body is made of high-purity aluminum material, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed to treat it with good heat dissipation. It is made of toughened glass, highly translucent, and resistant to impact. The bracket is designed with multi-angle adjustment, exquisite appearance and easy installation.
The light source uses high-quality LED chips, light color monochrome and RGB colorful discoloration, color temperature 2700K-7000K can be customized.
The drive power supply adopts isolated high-precision IC control, which has strong protection function, accurate constant current, and high conversion rate. Input voltage specifications are optional, AC and DC, high and low voltage can be customized, such as: AC85-264V, DC24V, DC12V.
The effective beam angle can be selected according to the needs of different reflective.. Cover or lens, such as 90 degrees, 120 degrees, 140 degrees, etc. depending on the size of the power range of up to 3-30 meters, is particularly suitable for landscape, building, outdoor square , walls, tunnels and other lighting. Applicable at ambient temperature of -40°C to +50°C. Product life> 30000 hours.



Product leaflets

In view of the excellent performance of its products, Shanmao lighting products are sold to a large number of domestic and foreign customers. The customers include Foshan Lighting, TCL, Huawei, Snow Wright and many other well-known brands. Of course, Bobcat Lighting will make professional and detailed answers at the booth. With its strong technical strength, Bobcat will be committed to provide customers with quality products, advanced solutions and professional technical services to make every customer more satisfied.

Outdoor Advertising


These are some of the exciting previews of the Sanmao lighting during the 2018 Guangya Exhibition. I would like to know more. I welcome you to visit the booth.


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