2018 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Preview

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    SanMao Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the 23rd Guangzhou International Lighting Fair on June 9-12, 2018. Welcome customers to visit and order.
    The theme of the event is “thinking about the new vision of lighting”. We hope to encourage the industry’s innovative thinking to explore the development direction of lighting from multiple perspectives, thus revealing the future trend of lighting. The lighting and LED industries are facing dramatic changes, with both opportunities and challenges. The advancement of technology can not only improve the function and efficiency of lighting, but also facilitate the integration of multiple applications to optimize our lives. "Internet Connection", "Internet Plus", "Smart Home and Building" and "Cloud Computing" will become hot topics in the industry. The development of new market segments such as health and aesthetics will also bring new development opportunities for LED and even the entire lighting industry. At this point, how to deal with the rapid changes facing the industry and capture the business opportunities that are implicated are particularly important. Relying on unremitting efforts, exploration, and interaction, the lighting industry has continued to innovate.
    The 2018 Congress aims to bring together industry experts, scholars, etc. to encourage the industry's innovative thinking and promote exchanges, so as to open up more imaginative space and open up a new vision of lighting...

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