China's LED chip global share continues to rise in 2018

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China LED chip industry development status
On the whole, LED chips are currently relatively well-developed areas in China's chip industry. At present, LED chips are basically domestically produced, and some leading companies have begun to expand outwards. The
In recent years, with the decline in LED chip prices and gross margins, LED chip investment return rate has gradually decreased, foreign LED chip makers tend to be cautious expansion of production, foreign chip supply growth is limited, China's LED chip factory O Yang Shunchang, Hua Chan Optoelectronics, Sanan Optoelectronics and other local governments rely on the support policies of local governments, relying on funds, scale and other advantages to actively expand production, global LED chip production capacity gradually transferred to mainland China. From a global perspective, the proportion of China's LED chips in the world has increased from 27.00% in 2013 to 37.10% in 2017. The
China's LED chip production capacity summary in 2018
According to the "LED chip" data released by the Industry Research Institute of Forward-looking Industry, by the end of 2017, the capacity of China's LED chip industry was 8.6 million pieces per month, of which the top four manufacturers accounted for more than 70% of the market share. The top four companies are Sanan Optoelectronics (capacity of 2.8 million per month), Huacan Optronics (capacity of 1.7 million per month), Aoyang Shunchang (capacity of 1 million per month) and dry lighting. Optoelectronics (capacity of 550,000 pieces per month) accounted for 32.56%, 19.77%, 11.63% and 6.4% respectively. Overall, China's LED chip industry is highly concentrated. The
Combined with the current planning goals of China's major LED chip manufacturers, by the end of 2018, domestic manufacturers planned to further increase the LED chip production capacity. Sanan Optoelectronics will reach 3.6 million pieces per month by the end of 2018, continuing to occupy the leading position of domestic LED chips. The
Forecast of China's LED Demand Market Trends in 2018
Combining the development of the industry itself, the Forward-looking Industry Research Institute predicts the development trend of LED chips in the three major traditional applications of backlighting, lighting, and display in 2018 as follows:
1, LCD backlight
The LCD itself does not emit light. It is necessary to add a backlight to the bottom of the LCD panel to display the screen. When the color display was first commercialized, the backlight source was CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Cathode), which was subsequently replaced by LEDs. LED backlights for consumer electronics such as mobile phones led the first wave of high-brightness LED demand growth. Although OLED is replacing LCD, the large-size TV field will still be dominated by LCD. Under the trend of large size and high brightness, the demand for backlight LED will gradually increase. The
2. Lighting
The application of LED in the lighting field can be divided into general lighting (indoor lighting, outdoor lighting), automotive lighting, landscape lighting, and other subdivided fields. Due to the advantages of simple structure, long service life, pure color, and low energy consumption, LED light sources can quickly replace traditional lighting methods. At present, lighting is the largest application area of ​​LED. General lighting and landscape lighting continue to penetrate, and automotive lighting and other subdivided areas show a high growth status. The
3, display
LED display has high brightness and large size, so it has unique advantages in the field of outdoor large screen display. In recent years, technological progress has led to a rapid decline in the cost of small-pitch (below 2.5mm pitch) LED display screens. Small-pitch LED displays have shown explosive growth in large-screen displays and commercial markets. Currently, LED is the second largest segment of LED. Application area. The
On the whole, the downstream applications of LED chips continue to widen, making the future demand for corresponding LED chips continue to grow at a high speed.

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