Outdoor waterproof flood light can stay in water for a long time

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The use of floodlights in the outdoors is a basic requirement for waterproofing, but many people do not understand how strong the waterproof performance of outdoor floodlights is. In addition, some people will directly ask if they are all outdoor floodlights. Can be soaked in water. In fact, the waterproof performance of outdoor floodlights is also divided into several levels. In the following we will introduce the performance of outdoor floodlights and waterproof rating.

    Outdoor waterproof spotlights are popular

Why is the outdoor waterproof spotlight most favored by outdoor lighting? The waterproof design of the outdoor waterproof spotlight is very special. It adds a rain gutter in the interior of the lamp, and at the same time uses special techniques to handle the circuit board, so even if the water does not affect the use of the lamp. This is also the basic principle that waterproof outdoor floodlights can waterproof. Since outdoor waterproof floodlights can be aimed at any direction and have a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions, its application range is very wide. Areas such as large-area field mines, building outlines, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks, and flower beds are all applications for outdoor floodlights.
Outdoor waterproof cast light waterproof rating is divided into three categories
The waterproof performance of outdoor floodlights is very important. Due to different installation locations and different environments, the waterproof performance of outdoor floodlights is also different. Our most common outdoor waterproof floodlights are divided into three levels: IP65, IP66 and IP67. Among them, the outdoor waterproof floodlight with IP65 waterproof rating can prevent water injected from nozzles from entering the appliance in all directions, but it cannot be soaked in water for a long time. The outdoor waterproof floodlight with IP66 rating is interpreted as “electrical equipment installed on the deck. , can prevent damage caused by the invasion of large waves; "waterproof outdoor IP67 outdoor floodlights analysis as "electrical immersed in water for a certain period of time or water pressure below a certain standard, can ensure not to cause damage due to flooding." However, these three levels of outdoor floodlights cannot be soaked in water for a long time. If you need to install in the water, it is best to use IP68 outdoor waterproof flood light. IP68's outdoor waterproof spotlights can sink indefinitely under the specified water pressure, ensuring no damage due to flooding. Source Lighting Online Denggle.com.

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